Every minute, the market is engulfed with loads of information – 1,400+ blog posts, 280,000 tweets and millions of email messages. And, with that being just a tip of the colossal iceberg, you can’t imagine the amount of competition for visibility in any one channel.

Content marketing is the art of sharing useful information like blogs and videos via the web to a group of people who can identify themselves with what the information entails. After the rapid upsurge of the demand for fresh content, the subsequent increase in the number of distribution channels could have eased the entire process.

But, with the much information flooding the mainstream, content marketing is proving a hard nut to crack. Being a digital marketer demands that you be intelligent and understand the critical tips that can trigger sharing your content.

Sharing Isn’t an Art…It Is a Science

Picture this; two content marketers are working on the same topic and after an hour, their products are ready to go live. Once they are published, one marketer manages to register massive traffic while the other one experiences paltry views. What went wrong?

Apparently, the real answer lies in the science of sharing.

There are a few factors that trigger the sharing culture and enable the content to go viral hours after publishing. The New York Times did a subtle survey and from the results, the following were clear to decipher.

Five Tips to Get Your Content Shared

  1. Use Interactive Content

From that content like images, animations, webinars, videos and audios to games and quizzes, virtually every interactive piece can be shared. Of course, what you need to be shared must be offering a proven and lasting solution to a problem that the audience is suffering from.

One notable example is what LivePerson famously does. While researching who its clients are and what they typically need, a quick 10-question interactive session helps them understand how they are working and where they need to improve.

As a marketer, therefore, reshape your digital content marketing efforts by thinking by the same lines.

  1. Invite Guest Bloggers

While guest blogging is often seen as a perfect way of looking at your channel through someone else’s eyes, the same strategy can spur a widespread viewing. You will expose your content to a host of potential clients and earn more regarding traffic, making you visible and helpful.

With a couple of guest bloggers in The Huffington Post way, each contributing writer will presumably share which in turn helps market your entire site. Remember, this technique only works when the guests suit your dreams and are of the best standards.

  1. Design Some Infographics

You may have come across a petite piece of graphic visual representation of information meant at offering lots of data with ease, clearly and quickly. Since infographics can accommodate everything including charts, videos, and images, their prevalence in the content marketing space isn’t shocking.

From the onset of 2014 to date, statistics show that many digital marketers have reportedly resorted to using infographics because these tools are easily shareable. If you are creating an eBook, a report or a series of blog posts, use one because it is easily shared. Remember that the human brain loves images more than texts.

  1. Round Up a Bunch of Famous Voices

According to The New York Time’s survey, people love to share information that augurs with their preferences. Some people like a selected crop of personalities; entrepreneurs, sports figures, politicians, philanthropists, etc., and they don’t shy away from displaying their affection. As a savvy content marketer, you don’t need any better trick to spur greater results than by leveraging the voices of these people for your own good.

Identify a couple of experts within your industry and ask them what you know your audience would like to know. After rounding them up, sample their answers and depending on whatever channel you choose, be smart enough to reveal the results of the campaign to the public. Since the responses are from the industry’s faces, your audience will share the eBook, Video or audio clip.

  1. Create Content with Appealing Titles

The fact that this point comes at the very end of the list isn’t by any means unpopular.  Facebook researchers have concluded that content with attractive titles has higher chances of getting shared compared to other articles. Facebook being the leading social site ought to be your primary target and hence the validity of this point.

Sometimes, seductive heading does the trick, although word selection is highly critical. Don’t forget to offer a solution and ensure that the nature of article resonates with the audience.

The Parting Shot

Sharing your content is, by far, the best form of marketing when it suits you. But, don’t forget to include the “Share” button at relevant parts of the blog. Long, factual posts are useful when they contain appealing images.

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