Removing house paint does not have to be daunting anymore. Learn how you can safely remove the flaky paint from your house in preparation for a new coat. This guide contains the right equipment and safety tips to remove paint from the house successfully.

Removing Paint from Siding

Vinyl siding sheds debris and water seamlessly. That technically means removing paint from this siding is quite easy.

Dry Water-Based Paint

  • Consider peeling off the paint using your hands – you can easily use your fingernails to peel off some drips of that paint.
  • Plastic scraper – if the paint does not come off, then you can apply a plastic scraper. Ensure you push it below the stain to remove all the paint.
  • Power wash it – the remainder of the paint can be removed by gentling power-washing. Ensure you spray at a distance of about 2 feet as spraying from a closer range could destroy the vinyl siding.
  • After that, you may consider light sanding. Get fine sandpaper to sand the remaining paint.

Removing Paint from House Windows

Paint is quite difficult to remove, and getting it off your windows is not easier. Whether it is the interior or exterior of your window, getting the paint from the pane is very delicate. However, you can easily scrape it off using a safe hand-held razor. Follow the next steps:

  • Prepare a bucket of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Mix them to have a homogenous liquid.
  • Immerse a cleaning cloth in the solution.
  • Scrub the pane to get rid of any grime or dirt, and then rinse it.
  • Pour the solution on the window and then start scraping with the razor blade. The blade should be tilted at an angle to avoid scratching the pane.
  • After that, you can wipe the glass and get rid of any moisture on the glass. If some paint remains, then repeat the process.

Removing Paint from the Deck

Before initiating the process, you need to prepare the interior deck. Remove all the furniture and cover the nearby vegetation. Thoroughly clean the deck and make sure you are putting on protective gear.

1. Apply Paint Stripper

When getting a chemical stripper, avoid products that have methylene chloride. Use only the least-toxic strippers such as limonene-based ones. Apply the stripper and leave it to bubble. After that, you can add more stripper and then scrub off with a brush or paint scraper. Scrub the deck until all the paint is gone.

2. Rinse and sand the surface

Wash the surface and clean it after all the paint has come off. This should also remove all the paint that was remaining.

Removing Paint from Furniture and Hardwood Floors

Getting paint off from hardwood floors and furniture is not easy. Especially if the paint is already dried, it can be quite problematic. There are several ways you can remove paint from hardwood. You can:

  • Scrap hardened paint using a scraper. Do it gently to avoid damaging the floor.
  • Heat the surface. Some oil-based paint can easily be removed by heating using a hairdryer. After that, you can easily scrape off the paint.
  • Use a solvent. You could rub the paint using an appropriate solvent. Make sure you have a suitable solvent before commencing the task.

These methods can also remove paint from furniture since this is wood, just like the hardwood floors.

Removing paint can be problematic, so if you are unable to do it, you can always contact crown paints. The company has professionals who know everything about paints and how to remove it from surfaces.

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