Suddenly, the world of content marketing is looking lucrative when the stature of the entire scene and the level of appreciation is growing. For those who have been creating content for more than a decade under the “Branded Content” or “Customer Publishing” agency umbrellas, the recognition is long overdue. But, in the midst of the buzzword gaining traction in the insatiable world is the burgeoning number of organizations that deliver shoddy, half-baked and lackluster content.

To those of us who know the real worth of content in your digital marketing travails, the real hurt is the negative image that is seemingly denting the industry. Nothing wrong with competition, but unless you know what great content entails, opting for the bandwagon-jumpers isn’t a surprise. Google is tightening the grip even more; meaning that the astute are poised for greatness and with the increasing number of websites and blogs, trustable content will always be required.

But, the million dollar question remains, how can your content be trusted?

  1. Smarter, Compelling Content Through The Right Channel

As they say, writing is pretty much like any art and is nurtured on editorial heritage. High-quality and engaging content developed with precisely the right tone for its audience is a skill learned over a lengthy time span.

For the audience to trust you and subsequently bank on your content, original data and insight must be utilized. When the same content is set to augur well with more than one channel, the results can be rewarding. Remember that with your smarter, compelling content on a strategic, Omni-channel, the target audience can decipher the core ideas with ease.

  1. Be Intrepid With Your Lingo and Innovate

In such times as right now when technology is somehow running the mainstream, future-proof planning in the world of content creation is a trait for the astute. As much as being bold enough to incorporate the newest in your style is impressive, consider how such cutting-edge innovations can fit in your realms.

Owing to the diversity of how the audience consumes content, the digital space is way too massive to try something new. Mix them accordingly and always learn from your failure and move on.

A “soft launch” of Vue Magazine Tablet App was done in 2013, and the hype that the 2014’s “hard launch” generated couldn’t have arrived at any other moment.

From this example, it is pretty clear that innovation that incorporated UX created what the audience wanted, but lacked in the 2013’s app.  Automatically, the level of trust generated by the content surged up.

  1. Use Video to Amplify Your Presence

Ever since of video content entered the world of content marketing, the astounding results produced by the subtly known technique need for further emphasis. Video content is easily shareable, supercharges performance and has that golden touch of longevity.

With the social media’s seemingly insatiable hunger for fresh content and the fact that it is the link between content and other channels, amplification of your brand is a no-brainer. When you look at those social media channels with the recently introduced “Blue Tick” sharing content, the thousands of follows will readily accept them, helping supercharge your trust.

Towards the end of 2015-2016 English Premier League Season, polls were conducted online via the social media where videos were used to help decide the star performers. Needless to mention, the results were amazing as the outcomes were solely based on what the audience saw.

  1. A Collaborative Outlook

In the entire content creation and marketing platform, the consistency of the message is gold. Those who do not know about the collaborative perspective, without a doubt, create and market content that harbors an aura of isolation. Collaboration makes your ideas work in unison and helps reach wider spheres, a factor that helps support you achieve your goals.

You are creating content to help offer a solution to a particular problem; that is essential. But then again, you will need those who access your content to trust you and hire your services again in the future. Collaborate with your peers and your colleagues.

  1. Use Social Proof when the Need Arises

Even the contemporary world’s celebrated authors attribute their fame to the social world. Using content from other people builds that much-needed trust and with the vast size of the social media, you can’t possibly lack a resource to quote.

Kissmetrics is one notable source of trustworthy content, very much like Buffer. Alternatively, you can go overboard and share what the society’s well-known entrepreneurs said. When you use a credible source, your customers will know that your mandate is to help them get solutions that are honest, and they will trust you.

The Parting Shot

As a content creator, developer and a marketer, your role in the fast-changing world of digital content marketing is highly critical. But, even with the giant-sized firm, trust is virtually everything. You have to express yourself legitimately, perhaps highlighting all your qualifications and your past and present records.

You, also, need to appear vivid and approachable, but professional. Building trust with them helps earn your content more trust which in turn helps make you among the industry’s real faces. Finally, remember that building it and maintaining the same is a long-term strategy.


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