Did you know that up to 86% of the contemporary enterprises use content marketing?

As the linchpin of demand creation and most importantly, the link connecting lead generation and brand awareness, content marketing is the best form of marketing today.

It cultures familiarity, demand, and trust by offering information that resonates with the right audience through the most appropriate channel and at the right moment. But in spite of the many benefits, creating a simple content marketing campaign whose results can be seen is a no simple task.

There’s no magical potion to creating a usable content marketing strategy.
Very much like building a habit, creating a simple marketing strategy involves knowing what you need and working towards it. The first step is developing a plan that takes into consideration all your projected goals, all key audiences, conversion actions and a way of reaching them.

Evaluating how you did it and realizing the results is the climax.
Your primary content marketing campaign must show the following elements:

Before diving into the strategy, why don’t you get to understand the following?

The entire plan requires the patience of a saint.
It can take up to six months to realize the first results if your focus is the social media. Bloggers will have to wait a bit longer.

Make it easy and automatic to make the entire process enjoyable.
Making it easy means that you aren’t bored with it. Most marketers burn out after some time mainly because they don’t automate it. But when such tools as Hootsuite and Buffer are incorporated, the entire strategy rolls out on its own, which is easier in the long run.

Rule #1: Know the Objectives
As with what you would like to achieve, be as specific and measurable as possible. Something like “more business” or anything thereabouts is so “normal.” The objective that impacts your business is ideal in the long run.
Gathering more leads is a fantastic goal because it helps contribute to your business’ financial weight. Other strategies such as getting more email subscribers and social media followers are better for publicity and earning trust from your faithful.

Rule #2: Identify the Actions That You Require
If your objective has nothing to do with the leads, your actions will be a bit different. Some businesses thrive from more repeat customers while other are fine with having more audience in the social spheres. So long as their presence is helping your business blossom, then you have little to worry about.
However, don’t leap into content marketing without identifying the actions that you need. Conversations that trigger a kind of response that you need are ideal. Without them, all your travails will, as well, be futile.

Another reason to identify what spurs what you need is the most feasible way towards your quest for better Returns on Investment (ROI). Once you have the knowledge, establishing a way to anchor the returns, in the long run, will be a no-brainer.

Don’t forget the architecture to track your ROI because it doubles the success.

Rule #3: Know Your Customer Groups

In the business world, all the answers are known as “Know Your Customer,” and it does help.

Defining your audience is so much important because it helps marketers break them down into small personas that are easily accessed and managed. Of course, with each persona is a set of beliefs, demographics, and needs; what you will probably focus on. Your content will be curated specifically for each persona.

Rule #4: Create the Content for Them

Now that you have your goals and understand who you are targeting, coming up with the right content is easier. And, as for how all notable digital marketers do, focus on being helpful first. From your first 50 ideas, slash them into the hardest to create, the leanest, the most useful and the most interesting.
Here’s the secret; do not create content that is used and trashed. There’s no harm in reusing and recycling it.

Rule #5: Now Is the Promotion Time

Promoting your content is perhaps the backbone of the entire strategy, and unfortunately, it is the most overlooked part. Most failed content marketing campaigns trace their wrongs to shoddy promotion techniques.
Organic ways of promoting them like the social media and SEO are better. The best ones entail the paid ones like sponsored posts because they are more vigorous. They reach more spheres and have a way of attracting larger audiences in a little span of time.

Rule #6: The Highlight

As earlier mentioned, evaluation of how the whole strategy is better as it helps to identify and seal all the loopholes. The metrics and the analytics will speak and perhaps help you know if your campaign is feasible. Remember; evaluation should repeatedly be done.

Final Thoughts

Creating a simple content marketing campaign is easier when everything is planned. Most people make it daunting when the miss any of the core aspects above. Don’t be intimidated by the enormous trove of naysayers because this strategy works. Try it out!

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