After hours of gathering facts and figures, organizing and curating them like crazy, it is about time you hammer them straight. But, which is the best content marketing tool that helps you create some amazing blog posts?

In a world that is literally described by massive writing tools, no single digital marketer is expected to complain about one marketing tool that seems to let them down. Your writing is your passion and perhaps your major source of income and any one tool that helps make it better is welcome. Sometimes, the best resources for your profession aren’t the purported premium and over-hyped tools, but rather the simple, free-for-all.

There are thousands of writing and blogging tools, but the best ones are just a handful. They help you unleash the best without laboring much and the best part is, they are free. They help you complete a task in a short amount of time and essentially get rid of the cluttered errors. And, yeah, there are so many out there, but the best ones are here. Sample them.

  1. Google Docs

With lots of essential writing and editing features coupled with the no-cost price tag, Google Docs is, without a doubt, the mother of them all. Researching your stuff online while typing them straight from the web is what this tool is entirely about. All the data is essentially stored online, which means that you can basically access them anywhere.

You need a Google ID and a reliable internet connection to start using it. Upon opening it, you will notice that it is user-friendly and with the many addons, you will easily understand why it is, by far, the best content marketing tool.

  1. Soovle

As a content writer, using keywords well and in a meaningful manner is expected. The same is true when it comes to determining perhaps the best keyword combination for the job. Soovle is an amazing tool when it comes to that.

As helpful as it comes, it is notoriously useful when it comes to analyzing the most used phrases related to what your blog post is about. This online tool will flood you with all the best suggestions so that you can optimize your content. If you would like to see your content rank higher in the search engines then this tool is for you. It is free, by the way!

  1. Grammarly

The difference between good content and great content is how it is reviewed and all grammar errors eliminated. Talking about making the content flawless and error-free, grammarly does that amazingly well. It helps you identify any errors that may have not been detected by the human eye including spelling and sentence structures. The good thing about it is the fact that it offers suggestions for words that are over-used.

In fact, this tool is dubbed as the world’s most powerful spelling and grammar checker.

Although the premium version is ideal for savvy content marketers, the free version works well in checking errors. It often doubles up as a plagiarism checker, meaning that it is a great tool for any writer.

  1. Hermingway

Honestly, there has never been a single perfect method creating content that have no errors. But, the number of tools used in creating them helps make them perfect. One top-dollar tool that is known for its widespread usage among the best blogger is Hermingway.

It identifies the clutter in your posts including all sentences and phrases that are redundant and hard to decipher and helps you replace them. Moreover, it is made to help you understand the article’s readability score. Lower grades means that your piece is above per. It is freely available and if you are one technical writer, then don’t let it pass you.

  1. Noisli

It is nearly impossible to gather the right momentum when creating content when the distractions are too many. Of course, such distractions as Facebook and Youtube, you can’t simply shy away from them. But, you can keep them away from your job.

And, speaking for focus, Noisli offers you the best way of writing. It offers a mix of pleasant sounds to help you get the best environment for your writing. Some of the sounds include falling rain and the sound of a whirling fan. Of course, this tool also has a minimalistic text editor so that you can do your typing with no distractions.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to writing, you can’t afford to sacrifice quality, no matter what. And, hiring someone for the editing is costly, perhaps very much akin with using the premium tools. So the solution is pretty simple. All writers have different styles of writing, but then again, they need a tool that is tried and tested to suit their requirements.

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