Top 5 Quick Ways to Find Interesting Topics for Your Blog Posts

Once upon a time, you decided to progress your affection towards a particular topic and decided to be a blogger. A couple of posts later and you are indeed enjoying the ride. But, it is somewhat confusing that the simplest things are sometimes the most difficult; like creating interesting topics for all your upcoming blog posts.

It is pervasive that the only way of keeping your audience engaged is by continually creating accurate, interesting and compelling posts. But honestly, it isn’t the content creation part that needs work. If you are among the multitudes that frequently struggle when it comes to creating interesting topics for their next blog posts, then this article is for you.

  1. Better the Best: Take a Good Idea and Make It Great

When you are stuck and can’t come up with an exciting topic for your blog, there’s no harm making an already existing topic the subject of whatever you would like to write. The basis of this whole art is monitoring your competitors before using their idea to create an award-winning piece. It is, by a considerable margin, the fastest way of coming up with solid ideas without breaking a sweat.

How you can do that

Monitoring your competitors isn’t so hard if you know the importance of such RRSS reader tools as Feedly. After entering your keyword or the URL of whatever site you love, a lot of options will be revealed. It will be upon you to choose the most interesting one.

As per the golden rule of longer keywords ranking well, consider making your title as long as possible. To add a little flair of ingenuity, find such terms as “Look at the…,” “Surprising facts about…,” “Useful benefits of…”

Along with that, strive to make it as in-depth as you can. Lengthy pieces that are comprehensive are far much better than a simple post that barely reveals what the visitor is looking for. Consider following all the aspects of SEO so that your efforts do not go into a waste.

Remember that plagiarism is punishable. Copy from multiple sources and ensure that your copy is far much better and more interesting than the original.

  1. Use Your Audience’s Questions, Comments, and Suggestions

After deciding to blog about what you love or your professional background, your audience will throng your site for answers. They know that you are the guru, and as long as you maintain your mastery of creating compelling pieces, you will never run out of readers. And, being a smart individual, you must always use their concerns to create your next post.

  1. Go to those questions that are troubling readers and answer them

Sometimes, users pour their problems out expecting those who have experienced similar problems to come to their aid. Every niche has at least a couple of troublesome issues, and if you are smart enough, high-quality posts can get out of the complications.

Identify one or more questions provided that they relate to your blog and engage in in-depth researching. Come up with an interesting post that solves the problem and publish it. Don’t forget to head back to the forum and offer the solution that relates to your post.

Other thought-provoking topics can come from reading other existing posts online and striving to provide an alternative solution. There are multiple ways that a single keyword can be used to create top-notch pieces of posts. Read a lot and observe what’s happening around you.

  1. Be Smart and Predict the Future

There’s nothing as fulfilling in the writing industry as when your idea becomes the first one. As the industry’s thought-leader, you aren’t simply responsible for creating some stellar and evergreen articles. You are responsible for determining how the future will turn to be as you are, technically, responsible for creating that anticipation.

Being a leader isn’t so easy, but statistics show that being one enhances the total number of readers in your site by 20%. Just be vigilant, reading the current trends while relating them with your professional expertise.

  1. Examine using Topsy

Most of the best ideas that can form the basis for your next interesting post revolve around what’s happening in the social media. And, no better tool can help you search across all the popular channels than Topsy. With a sleek user interface along with a host of great features, you can sample the social media and generate posts based on what’s currently trending.


Talking to your customers also presents you with a exquisite idea, perhaps better for setting the stage. Being curious also falls under the same space, albeit you will still need to polish everything. Great ideas offer you the potential to coming up with top-quality articles. With this tips, however, creating what’s amazing out of nowhere is possible. Start with one or two before using all of them.

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