Effective writing | 5 Unbelievably Simple Tips!

March 24th, 2010
A majority of people have a difficulty with effective writing especially choosing the right words to use in an email, essay, or business letter. While we are all sure of our goal to convince the reader of our assertion and get them to see our point of view, the secret to effective writing often eludes us. It is easy to just give up and believe that we just weren’t born with the skills to be a effective and dynami

Book Writing Courses – The Basics That Everyone Should Know

September 30th, 2011
While some writers have taken formal book writing courses, there are many first time writers today that come from different fields. Housewives, engineers and people from all walks of life have a desire to write a book. These people however may find it hard to write a book as they have not taken book writing courses. They may have a story in mind but they lack some of the techniques that writers have as well as the

Ideas for a Book to Write – The Secret to Finding Great Ideas

September 30th, 2011
There are many genres in modern literature available for the writer to have ideas for a book to write. When just starting out a writer often has some difficulty finding these ideas for a book to write. Often a writer is influenced by the material that they read regularly, and these shape their ideas for a book to write. Through the course of a writer’s experiences, he can develop his identity as a writer and can

How to Write a Case Study

March 28th, 2011
Writing a case study can be a real pain, yes, but only if you want them to be. It requires a lot of patience and resolve to be able to come up with a case study that will keep the reader’s interest. The question is how to write a case study that will satisfy both you and your reader’s curiosity? Steps on How to Write a Case Study If you want to know how to write a case study, always remember that you need to do

How to Write Minutes

March 28th, 2011
Wondering how to write minutes? There are times when meetings seem to drag on forever that you tend to forget why you are doing them in the first place. Cramming up all information all the way is just too much for our brain to handle. That is the reason why someone has to write minutes during meetings. The main purpose of it is to provide a historical account of discussions, proposals and decisions made during

Writing a Resume | Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out

February 11th, 2011
When applying for a job, your resume is the very first thing that they will assess. If they are not satisfied with it, then don’t expect to go to the next step of the interview. There are even those employers who have very high standards that they will not consider someone if they do not like the cover letter. That is why writing a resume should never be taken for granted since it is one of the most important

How to Write an Essay | 4 Simple Tips

February 8th, 2011
Writing is a creative effort that is far different from mathematics and needs some specific rules to apply. Before writing, one should understand how to write an essay actually. Often, most people play with the rules approximately and as they write, there are mistakes with their writings.  While natives read, they are amused, stirred, or find out something impressive. Some mistakes or artistic uses of grammar regu

Writing a Book | Three Simple Steps for Success

February 8th, 2011
Countless individuals are overconfident that they have what it takes to write a book. Some even assume that they could complete a novel. Nevertheless, only a few them can even start making one and the number even continues to dwindle when talking about completion or publishing the book. Who can blame them, after all, you must really be devoted when writing a book since completing just one can consume a lot of time.

Editorial Writing | Tips for writing an effective editorial

February 8th, 2011
Surely you have been acquainted to several news published on those daily articles you see everyday. However, there is an abyss of difference when comparing them to editorial pieces. When writing an editorial, it usually includes the point of view of the writer him/herself. Furthermore, it also gives the writer the privilege to explain the benefits and downsides of every opinion. If you are writing an editorial, you

Essay Writing – Little known Tips to write like a star

April 9th, 2010
Unlike mathematics, writing is a more of a creative endeavor, though there are still rules that apply. Some people play around with these rules, and as long as what they do works, there is nothing too horribly wrong with that. When people read, they intend to be amused, moved, or at the least learn something. A few mistakes or creative uses of grammar rules generally do not ruin a good piece of creative writing. Ho

What you need to know to find Freelance Writing Opportunities Online

March 31st, 2010
The process of freelance careers has changed drastically in the last few years. Presently there are usually jobs out there for freelancers, however it is less difficult to discover them than ever before. When you look online, you can find many advertisements for those who have chosen to work freelance in any given career. In fact, many jobs are now out there simply because of the Internet. What you have to watch ou
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